Micro-Dermabrasion is a comprehensive approach to skin care that is non-surgical, safe and effective. With Micro-Dermabrasion you can see improvement to the skin texture regardless of skin color.
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How does it work?

Micro-Dermabrasion, removes dead and flaking skin cells to create an immediate improvement in your skins appearance. It stimulates the production of fresh new skin cells and collagen, resulting in the best advancement in non-surgical, non-invasive skin conditioning. Micro-Dermabrasion treatments take only a few minutes and are gentle—perfect for today’s busy person. Mild yet effective, these treatments minimize fine lines and age spots from around the eyes, lips and neck. In addition, a reduction in acne scars can also be realized.

What are the Results of Micro-Dermabrasion?

Many patients notice an immediate improvement in their skins appearance. It clears pores preventing future breakouts and stimulates collagen networking to help even-out skin texture and appearance. This non-invasive technique improves blotchy skin, small scars, wrinkles, large pores, sun damage and uneven texture. Fine lines and spots are less apparent, acne scars and stretch marks seen less noticeable and many patients find that their skin feels smoother and appears younger looking.

Who is a Candidate for Micro-Dermabrasion?

The best candidates are active individuals who cannot afford to take time off for healing from chemicals or lasers as well as those who don’t want to put off outdoor and social activities. It is especially good for those whose skin is sensitive to chemicals or make-up. Other patients who have found positive results from Micro-Dermabrasion include those with Acne-prone skin that has not responded well to acne remedies and younger patients with early skin changes who wish for softer, smoother, clearer skin.

What are the Benefits of Micro-Dermabrasion over other procedures?

Less recovery time; short treatment sessions; minimal discomfort; in most cases, activities can be resumed immediately.